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From a clinical perspective, Willow Grove Counseling therapists operate from a client-focused, trauma-informed lens.  We work with you to grow in your comfort with getting progressively outside your comfort zone.  We honor and celebrate your hard work, while being mindful that growth is challenging.

Drawing on years of clinical study and research, our counselors draw from current best practices; focusing on providing a balance of peer reviewed modalities.  Through this lens, we offer highes quality psychoeducation on cognitive perceptions and how to address them.  Together we will tackle challenging issues sitting in a conflicted mind of emotions.  While tending to all of this, we will maintain a trauma informed lens, in order to make sure the gains you are seeking for your future are honoring your past self, and working to heal old wounds.

Willow Grove Counseling Approach to Effective Counseling

Our Approach

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