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Group Therapy Services, Buffalo NY

buffalo ny group therapy setting

Positive Parenting

Positive Parenting is a solution-focused group therapy designed to meet adults where they are at.

This group is for adults who are charged with raising children, and seeking help.  We will promote effective communication, discipline strategies, and nurturing relationships with your children. 

This is a 12-week group.

Adolescent Peer Bonding

Adolesent Peer Bonding focuses on therapeutic support for teens. Focus is on fostering trust and connection.  We will build skills on navigating challenges at home and school, as well as social media.  Our focus is enhancing social skills through supportive peer interactions in a structured environment.

This is a 12-week group.

ADHD Group

This group will be led by Patti, focusing on issues around attention and focus.  ADHD Group is specifically for adults with this diagnosis.


This is a 10-week group 

Adolescent LGBTQ+

This is a peer-support group that will be content-driven, and can be redirected by the needs of the room.  Individuals who believe, or are expressing LGBTQ+ emotions.  Teens will have a chance to bond and connect, feel emotions of validation and visibility. 

Group to focus on providing support, understanding, and empowerment within a nurturing peer environment.

Admission to group by counselor authorization.

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